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PhD Projects


1. Decision making in Depression: A Neuroeconomic approach

Harishankar Moosath (PhD Scholar), Madhavi Rangaswamy (Supervisor)

(2015- present)

The main objectives of this research project is; i) to evaluate the performance of individuals diagnosed with depression and healthy individuals on value based and social decision making tasks; ii) to explore performance of individuals diagnosed with depression versus healthy individuals on executive functions that facilitate decision making, iii) to estimate the predictive validity of decision making as a diagnostic tool. 

Quality Time at Home

2. The impact of Prospective Memory on Quality of life and activities of daily living in Psychosis

P. Sulakshana Rao (PhD Scholar), Madhavi Rangaswamy (Supervisor), Anirban Dutt (Co supervisor), Jonathan Evans (Co supervisor) (2015- present)

The main objectives of this PhD research project is to evaluate association between prospective memory and cognitive functions such as attention, memory and executive functions in individuals with psychosis and healthy controls. The study also looks to evaluate impact of impairments in prospective memory on activities of daily living and quality of life in individuals with psychosis. 


3. Latent class analysis of polysubstance use among Indian college students

Prakat Karki (PhD Scholar), Madhavi Rangaswamy (Supervisor)

(2019- present)

In this study,  the classes of polysubstance use among Indian young adults will be determined and the association between various risk factors at individual, interpersonal and environmental levels, and polysubstance use classes will be studied. The substance use and risk factors will be assessed using self report questionnaires and data will be gathered from a large community sample of Indian college students between ages of 18 and 25 years and residing in different regions.

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