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Behaviour Evolution Alliance

What is BEA?

In a world where change is constant and often challenging, we recognize the importance of collaboration and shared knowledge

Whether cultivating healthy habits, promoting prosocial behaviour, or fostering tolerance and acceptance across diverse sectors of society, we believe in the power of collective action to create meaningful impact.

Join us as we embark on this journey of discovery, growth and transformation. Together, let's empower individuals and communities to thrive through intentional and sustainable behaviour change. 


  • Through Behaviour Change- Improve community health; strengthen social bond and individual qualities

  • Series of citizen science experiments- Provide data and build scientific literacy

  • Psychoeducation related to Social Neuroscience- Enhance self awareness and empathy, reduce stigma and discrimination.

  • Fun social experiments- Spark curiosity and creativity; cultivate a sense of unity, inspire action. 

BEA in Action

  • Have you ever observed how often during a walk, you need to adjust your path to make room for someone approaching  from the opposite direction, or they do the same for you?

  • Workshops aimed at sharing experiences in behaviour modification, encompassing the development of healthy habits, fostering pro social conduct, and cultivating tolerance towards all segments of society

  • The conceptualization and creation of a podcast tailored for educational purposes, focusing on intriguing subjects related to social neuroscience and the latest research findings on how humans behave in social settings [Probable name: NeuroInsights or NI]

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For further information or expression of interest, please reach out to CABLab at or visit the CONTACT page for more details

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