Ongoing Projects

Call For Participants: Study on Cannabis use among Indian young adults (March, 2021): 

Call For Participants: Study on Conducting Research during the pandemic (December, 2020) [CLOSED]


1. Influence of Cognitive Control and Affective Control on Risk Taking in Adolescents

This is a Department of Science and Technology funded project sanctioned in November 2015. The study aims to determine the differences in the relationships between (1) cognitive and affective functioning, (2) Executive functions and Risk Taking, (3) Risk taking, Impulsivity and Sensation Seeking - in early vs late adolescence.

2. Exploring differences in Bargaining Power and its influence on Offer Magnitudes: Variations on the Ultimatum Game

This is a Minor Research Project funded by the Center for Research, CHRIST (Deemed to be University). It is a quantitative study using economic games to understand the effect of shift in bargaining power from the Proposer to the Responder. In the treatments that are being implemented, combinations of three economic games, namely the Ultimatum Game, Punishment Game and Impunity Game, are being used. The variable of primary importance is the offer magnitude. The hypothesis is that greater the shift in bargaining power towards the Responder, greater will be the offer magnitude.

Completed Projects

Review of assessment tools for risky behaviors among Indian adolescents

This was a working paper funded by the Center for Research, CHRIST (Deemed to be University). In this qualitative review, a total of seven Western self-report tools assessing risk behaviors among adolescents were evaluated in order to test for the relevance of its items for use among Indian adolescents and also generate a logical framework and a set of recommendations for the development of an Indian risk tool for use among adolescents.