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Research Projects

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1. Influence of Cognitive Control and Affective Control on Risk Taking in Adolescents

Status: Ongoing


2. Exploring differences in Bargaining Power and its influence on Offer Magnitudes: 

Status: Ongoing

Investigators:  Madhavi RangaswamyAdhiraj Chowdhury

Research Intern: Akash Kolte

Image by CDC

3. Conducting research in Psychology during the pandemic era: Experiences of students & faculty

Status: Completed


4. Latent Class Analysis (LCA) of polysubstance use among Indian college students

Status: Ongoing

PhD Scholar: Prakat Karki

Research Supervisor: Madhavi Rangaswamy

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5. Polysubstance use and Executive functioning among Indian youths

Status: Completed

MSc Scholar: Deeksha Parthsarthy

Research Supervisor: Madhavi Rangaswamy

Image by Erik Mclean

6. Influence of Priming on Buying Behaviour

Status: Ongoing

PhD Scholar: Abhay Rajendran

Research Supervisor: Nesin Mathew; Co-Supervisor: Madhavi Rangaswamy

Image by Laura Fuhrman

7. Understanding multidomain metamemory performance among Indian young adults

Status: Completed

MSc Scholar: Rohit Kunte

Research Supervisor: Madhavi Rangaswamy


8. Review of assessment tools for risky behaviors among Indian adolescents

Status: Completed

Investigators: Madhavi Rangaswamy, Harishankar Moosath

Research scholar: Prakat Karki


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