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Former members Collaborators

Shradha Venkataramanan: Shradha worked as a Research Fellow for the DST funded project between November, 2019 and December, 2021. She had previously completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from CHRIST in 2017. Her areas of research interest include risk taking behaviors, child development, personality research and externalizing behaviors.



Fathima Zeba: Zeba had graduated with a Masters in Applied Psychology and was previously working as a Junior Research Fellow on a DST funded project during 2018/19. Her areas of interest included Cognitive Neuroscience and Developmental Psychology.

Mariah Lobo: Mariah completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology and worked as a Research Assistant at CAB Lab during 2018.

Srinivas Prasad Belavadi:  Srinivas completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology from CHRIST in 2017. Since then, he has been associated with CAB Lab and has helped in translating research tools and documents from English to Kannada language.

Atish Padhy: Atish completed his B.A. from CHRIST in 2020 and was involved with CAB Lab as a student volunteer from 2018 to 2020. He contributed to several projects in the form of participant recruitment, data collection/test administration, data entry and review of literature. 

Mandirashree V. C.: Mandira is an enthusiastic Commerce undergraduate student who has an interest in research. Throughout 2020, she has been honing her research skills by helping CAB Lab with participant recruitment and data entry.  

Susan Ajith:  Susan completed her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from CHRIST and is currently collaborating with CAB Lab Journal lab. Her research interests lie within the broad domain of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience.  

Rashmi Sharma: Rashmi worked as an intern at CABLab between February and May, 2022. She was involved in developing visual stimuli for cognitive tasks as a part of the PhD project by Varghese Mathew.



Madhumita Lokanandan: Madhumita completed her summer research internship at CABLab between June and July, 2022. She was involved in developing digital illustrations for the lab and also wrote a blog article.   


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