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Conducting Research during the Pandemic

We invite students and faculty from the Department of Psychology to take part in ​the following research study. 

Title of the research study: Conducting research in Psychology during the pandemic era: Experiences of students and faculty

Investigators: Prakat Karki, Shradha V., Adhiraj Chowdhury, Harishankar Moosath, Dr. Padmakumari P., Dr. Sherin Antony, Dr. Maharishi R., Dr. Madhavi Rangaswamy

Details of the research study

The purpose of the study is to understand student and faculty experiences related to progression of academic research activities in the context of transition to online platforms during the pandemic.


For students: If you fulfill all of the criteria below, please complete the survey at


  1. Participants are currently enrolled in a full time academic course at undergraduate (UG) level or higher (Masters, M.Phil., PhD).

  2. Participants have a mentored research dissertation as a mandatory part of their academic course and had started working on it before March, 2020.

  3. ​Participants are currently enrolled in a Psychology course, have Psychology as a choice for a major subject, or are engaged in research related to Psychology.

For faculty: If you fulfill both the criteria below, please complete the survey at 

  1. Participants are currently employed as full time faculty in higher education institutions and teaching at undergraduate level or higher.

  2. Participants are mentoring or supervising at least one student for their mandatory research dissertations at undergraduate level or higher.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the investigators or click here for contact details of CABLab

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