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Get involved with CABLab


Research studies at CABLab

Get involved in ongoing research studies at CABLab on topics across the psychological domains of cognition, affect and behavior. This can be a good opportunity to learn about scientific research and also contribute to research projects.

Participate in ongoing research studies at CABLab by filling out online surveys or completing computerized experimental tasks at CABLab. You can also host your research study link on the CABlab website to gain access to a wider study population 


CABLab Blog

We publish informative and engaging blog articles written by UG/PG students. The topics of articles generally cover various domains of Psychology and are in the form of reviews, commentaries opinions, reports or lists. You can gain wide readership for your articles through the CABLab Blog and become listed on Google. To check out the published Blog articles on CABLab and refer to the guidelines for submission, click the link below.

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CABLab Internship/ Volunteer programs

Look out for call for interns and/or volunteers for future CABLab projects, and get a chance to showcase your skills across a range of domains. Through such programs, you can join CABLab as a formal member and also be able to contribute meaningfully while getting an opportunity to learn about various research processes

Currently, we are looking for interns for the role of 'Digital Content Management'


CABLab Journal Club

We also invite interested students to attend and/ or present your published works at the CABLab Journal Club . New participants are welcome to attend the presentations or present relevant research articles themselves. If you are interested, please join our mailing list to get more details about future Journal Club events. For more information about Journal Club, refer to the link below.

For further information or expression of interest, please reach out to CABLab at or visit the CONTACT page for more details

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