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CABLab Consultancy

CABLab is offering expert consultancy for parts of research methods commonly used in social sciences, and particularly Psychology. It includes individual and group consultations in the form of classes, webinars, online modules and resources, etc. 

The members at CABLab have expertise in conducting research in areas across human cognition, affect and behavior. They also have years of experience in teaching research methods and supervising graduate and doctoral research dissertations.  



Research Consultancy

Get expert consultation and support for parts of your research project, with help on formulating your research design & methodology, data analysis, manuscript perfecting, etc.


Learning Resources

Check out resources available for students and researchers. It includes various modules on research methods, videos/multimedia of recent events, and other learning resources. 


Participant Recruitment

Connect with participants and researchers. You can host your research study link on the site, complete surveys of other researchers, and contribute to research data 


CABLab Forum

Participate in general discussions, ask and answer questions with the community, and engage in scientific discourse with other members 

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CABLab Members

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Check out the profiles of CABLab members, along with descriptions of their research works and functional areas

Present your Research work


Take part in CABLab Journal Club. Present your published research works to an audience and initiate discussion

For any further details or queries, please contact us at 
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