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Journal Club Blog - MSc Neuropsychology 2021-23

This blog is part of the Journal Club paper for M.Sc. Neuropsychology students (Batch 2021-23). The students presented on the journal articles between August and November, 2022, and blog articles were compiled for each presentation of the articles. 

Blog Articles


Vary One at a Time: A Thumb-Rule for Comparison

Presenter: Adhiraj Choudhury

Date: 4th October, 2022


This piece of writing is an attempt to inform young researchers about appropriate ways to conduct experiments and issues that may create obstacles in the way of reaching the targeted objectives of a given study.

Article: Ketelaar, T., & Tung Au, W. (2003). The effects of feelings of guilt on the behaviour of uncooperative individuals in repeated social bargaining games: An affect-as-information interpretation of the role of emotion in social interaction. Cognition and emotion, 17(3), 429-453.

Image by Esteban Lopez

Back with a B(h)ang: The Curious Case of Cannabis in India

Presenter: Prakat Karki

Date: 18th October, 2022


The issue of legal status of cannabis use in India has recently come in to the public debate. What is the status of cannabis use in India?

Article: Karki, P., & Rangaswamy, M. (2022). A Review of Historical Context and Current Research on Cannabis Use in India. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, 02537176221109272.


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