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About CABLab

The Cognition, Affect and Behaviour Laboratory (CABLab) is a gathering space for faculty and students with related interests.  CABLab is dedicated to the experimental study of human cognitive processes through various research projects involving faculty and students at CHRIST (Deemed to be University). It became operational in December 2016 and is situated on the first floor, Block I of CHRIST (Deemed to be University).

Objectives of CABLab
  • Experimental exploration of Human Cognition in the context of

    • Collaborative/Funded research projects

    • PhD projects

    • M.Sc. dissertations 

    • Student-Faculty Research projects


  • Enhance scholarly interdisciplinary interactions with faculty/students from relevant departments via Journal Club and Lab webpage (Blogs etc)


  • Explore online experiment building platforms and develop competence in preparing cognitive experiments. Create a training module for making online experiments.


  • Conducting journal club and/or workshops on current research trends in Cognition and methods of research in Cognition.

Latest posts

Brain & Behaviour Conference, 2023


Take part in BBC, 2023 (14-16th Dec) organized by the Department of Psychology at CHRIST. Check out the official website to register

(Aug, 2023)


Check out recent research publications by CABLab members

Call for Participants

PSU image.png

Take part in this research study on the patterns of substance use among young adults in India and its impact on their executive functioning.

CABLab Booking Schedule (2023)


Use this official link to book the CABLab systems for research work

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