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Call for Participants

PhD Research study on polysubstance use


If you are a college student in India between the ages of 18 and 26 years, participate in this research study by clicking the link below. Further details about the research study has been provided in the first page of the survey

The use of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis is at an all time high in India and every year millions of youths take up one or more of these three drugs. Polysubstance use, or concurrent regular use of the three substances represents an advanced stage of substance dependence as well as negative consequences of these substances. In this study, we are exploring the risk factors behind substance use initiation and polysubstance use during young adulthood (18-26 years).

This research study is part of Mr. Prakat Karki's (Junior Research Fellow) PhD dissertation, under the supervision of Dr. Madhavi Rangaswamy (Associate Professor) at CHRIST. For any further details or queries, send an email to or click here for contact details of CABLab. 

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